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Thursday, December 1, 2011

The New Studio

Our recent move to Washington came with perks.  Sure, it was our second move in just under a year but it was great for my husband's career AND I was promised a studio.  Boy did my husband deliver!

The new studio is huge.  I love it.  The shelving on the far left contains shipping supplies & started projects.  The next unit is felt, felt, felt,  The third unit is cottons on top and fleece on the bottom and the far right (barely visible) holds my flannels.  That's a 6 foot table in the middle of the room!  The three bins underneath hold my scraps--felt in the left, then cottons/flannel, then fleece.

Yes that's another shelving unit to the very left of this photo.  It holds more projects.  You can see my inventory storage on the right.  The crates hold felt food, as do the shelves above.

Sorry for this terribly blurry photo.  This wall holds a cabinet for my various small supplies, some bins of projects/ fabric, and the dresser holds doll diapers for my other etsy shop, Sweet Doll Boutique.

See that door?  No, that doesn't lead out of the room....it leads into a walk-in closet WITH window.  Perfect for my photography.  Nothing like natural light to enhance my photos.  I'll have to post pictures of that room later.

Keep in mind that we've just moved--I still have bins of fabric to get out & we obviously need to get some cuter storage (with this beautiful room the garage style plastic shelving units aren't cutting it anymore!).  It's a work in progress but a great start.

Right outside of my studio is a 20 ft x 10 ft. room that is our daughter's play room.  Wonderful!  The person who designed this house used this space as an office.  I wonder what he'd think of it now?  :)