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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Who Buys This Stuff?

Lol, I think that's the question a lot of people think when they ask what I sew.  A lot of you do & I am very grateful for every one of my sales. 

Since I recently hit 100 sales, I decided to use zeemaps to plot them out.  My favorite sales are international ones because I love to travel and secretly wish I could hand deliver them.  Paris?  Australia?  Count me in!  Canada?  I loved the little bit of time I spent up north--why not travel up there again to deliver some felt food sushi?

I had fun making this map & had to share it with you.  Thanks for being fans!!!!

To see the map, click here.

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  1. Welcome to the INWTEAM Amy! I've added your shops to my favorites, and I've added your blog to my blogroll! Your mapping looks like fun and I think I should put that on my to-do list! If we can't travel in real time, at least we can do it vicariously! :O)