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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

An Experiment: Etsy Vs. Hyena Cart

Latest Addition to the Shop Today:  Citrus set!

Back in December when Christmas sales were rockin', I also listed and sold a few felt foods on ebay.  I haven't felt the urge to set up a shop on ebay though.  Not yet at least!  lol

I have been wondering about Hyena Cart.  As my sales on etsy in the new shop are picking up (more than double last month--hooray!), would opening a shop on Hyena Cart be good, too?

I pondered the pros and cons.  Mr. Felt Food laughed & asked if I had time for that.  Good question!  Then I saw the special Hyena Cart is running.  While it'll still be a $7.50 monthly fee, to open a shop it's only ONE CENT.  Not the usual $10.  Just one little penny!

What can you buy with a penny these days?  Evidently an entire store!

I couldn't resist.  Last night I opened a shop on Hyena Cart.  Same prices, same pictures, same descriptions as what I have on etsy.

Want to see the shop?  Check out:  http://hyenacart.com/FeltFoodKids/

Of course the etsy shop is here:  http://www.etsy.com/shop/FeltFoodKids

I uploaded about 7 items last night & another 13 today.  I'm intrigued because there aren't too many felt food sellers on hyena cart (unlike etsy where competition is stiff).  There wasn't a lot of selection either.  I'm wondering if other sellers have tried HC in the past & given up from lack of sales?

Which site will sell more felt food?  Etsy or Hyena Cart?  So far it's been just under 24 hours & I haven't had much traffic to HC.  I know, give it time!

Let the experiment begin!


  1. Regarding sales, FYI I personally have never heard of Hyena Cart namely because when doing a Google Search it never has come up. (I'm from Canada.) I do have a Blog Profile but I am not a Facebook Member as choose and prefer not to be. Do you have to be a Facebook member to log on to the Hyena Site? IF so, perhaps that is why the traffic is less.

    LOVE your faux food and wishing you success in your sales. -Brenda-

  2. I found the experiment to be dismal; however, I never got to give it much of a chance. My hubby moved us twice this past year for his career (engineer--who knew they could move as much as military personnel, lol?). The movers destroyed a lot of my inventory (and a lot of our other stuff), so I've been focused on Etsy & rebuilding inventory. I heard about Hyena Cart from my granola mom friends back when we cloth diapered our daughter. I think you're on to something--Hyena Cart seems to have fallen off the map a bit in popularity. Meanwhile, my 82 yaer old aunt recently asked me about setting up her own etsy shop! :) Thanks for the compliments on my food!