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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Team


     At awards shows, stars are always thanking those important members of their team who make it all possible.  Looking at these pics I took last week on our way out to lunch, it got me thinking about my people, my team.

     Pictured on the left is Grace, a 2 year old with WILD hair and a penchant for wearing glasses, hats or both.  She is unmatched in the area of product testing.  This girl knows what she likes.  Her nickname is Grace the Destroyer.  Thanks to her daddy's lineage, she has Viking in her blood line & it shows.  She can tear something apart in no time, making her the perfect product tester I know.
     Grace, I'd thank you for bringing me endless joy, countless ideas and allowing me to sew by bringing all your Little People to the table to join me, painting/coloring next to me, and taking naps from time to time.  Baby, Mommy is learning how to do your hair I promise.  Of course, if you'd stop helping me while I do it your hair might stand a better chance!

     Pictured on the right is my wonderful husband, Mr. Felt Food Kids.  He is my IT guy, my sounding board, sewing machine mechanic (Blue Bessey has been losing her foot a lot lately), my sanity when I get too focused on perfecting something.  When his eyes light up and he asks "You MADE that?" I know I've done good.  His experience with marketing and sales is so helpful when I'm waking up in the middle of the night to ask "do you think I should have used the other photo of those pancakes?"
     Mr. FFK, I'd thank you for being so patient, particularly with felt and thread everywhere, those 2 a.m. questions I seem to obsess over, and asking you to pick your favorite pop tart three days in a row.  You remind me to take breaks, enjoy the journey, and you share my joy with each sale or new fan.  Best of all, if you see 25 felt food pop tarts stacked on the table & no dinner ready when you get home, you just smile and ask me what you should work on to help me get dinner ready.  You're the best sous chef a gal could have, be it real food or felt play food.

     We are a family of foodies, people with a strong passion for creating food so it is no surprise that we're becoming a family creating felt food as well.  We perform "market research" at new cafes & pubs each week, coming up with ideas for more felt food (bangers & mash was this week's winning idea).  Thank you to all my fans for sharing in our passion, our joy, and excitement each week!

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