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Friday, April 15, 2011

Snacks by Letter: Snacks Starting with the Letter C

Snacks for C Day or Week
Cucumber slices w/veggie dip 
Celery sticks with veggie dip or peanut butter
Carrot sticks with veggie dip or peanut butter
Cauliflower (raw with veggie dip)
Chips (baked tortilla) with salsa
Colby cheese
Chocolate pudding
Caramel dip with apple slices
Caesar salad wrap (wrap in whole grain tortilla)
Canape with fresh fruit
Cheese and crackers (whole grain)
Cheddar cheese
Cherry tomatoes
Chewy granola bar
Cinnamon sprinkled on natural, unsweetened applesauce
Citrus fruit
Cottage cheese (could be with fruit also)
Confetti Salsa with baked tortilla chips (corn, black beans & salsa)
Crackers (whole grain)
Circus animal crackers
Cream cheese on a bagel
Coffee Cake
Crepe filled with fresh fruit
Chex mix (Chex cereals, pretzels, cheerios, nuts, dried fruits, etc.)

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